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We offer and support these great brands:

  • American Changer
  • American Dryer
  • Cissell
  • Coin Vend Soap Products
  • Dexter
  • Electrolux
  • Huebsch
  • Maytag
  • R & B Wire
  • Speed Queen
  • Standard Changer
  • Vend Rite Soap Products
  • WascoDry
  • Wascomat
  • Whirlpool

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OPL LAUNDRY Commercial Washers & Dryers

These are some of the brand name products that are available. If you can’t find the product your looking for contact us and let us know about it.

  • AquaClean: The cleanest choice for the environment.
  • SPEED QUEEN machines for wet cleaning (dry cleaning alternative), coin operated Top-Load washing machines
  • Wascomat
  • Whirlpool Emerald Series coin operated front-load washers
  • Wascomat dryers commercial washers and dryers

AquaClean: The cleanest choice for the environment.

For Dry Cleaning

  • 30lb capacity
  • 50lb capacity
  • 80lb capacity

Waste matter from AquaClean machines is clean enough for public disposal.

  • No ground or aquafier contamination due to spill and solvent emissions
  • No fumes are vented into atmosphere
  • No filter, still, button, trap, or water from still from still, filters and water separator
  • No “graying” white – garments are whiter, brighter, softer, and more vibrant Washers feature a fully programmable microprocessor and frequency-controlled motor for automatic wetcleaning

Dryers Feature a Residual Moisture Control (RMC), the world’s only multiple sensor electronic dryer control Guarantees Cleaner Laundry, Faster www.speedqueen.com Coin Operated Top-Load Washer Built Better to Last Longer

Speed Queen

A full line of technologically advanced laundry products and industry leading systems that will enhance coin laundry operations.

Coin Operated Top-Load Washer — Built Better to Last Longer

  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Speed Queen’s exclusive stainless steel tub actually becomes smoother with each use so it won’t pill, snag, or fray clothes.
  • Stainless steel won’t corrode, chip, crack.
  • A new water fill system enables water to circulate all the way around the tub as it enters the washer, thoroughly wetting down and spray rinsing even overstuffed washloads.
  • Speed Queen’s agitation stroke is a full 210 degrees – the longest in the industry. This delivers excellent washability while taking the best care of your garments. No one goes further than Speed Queen when it comes to taking care of your clothes.

Wascomat: Feature-Packed for Professional Coin Laundries

Wascomat Emerald Series washers represent the technology of the future, here today. Emerald Series washer features a microprocessor which is powerful, yet so simple that all customers – in all neighborhoods – love to use them. Programmable, computer controlled, Emerald Washer’s unique vend price wash cycle selection feature allows you topromote your business any time of day, any day of the week automatically on slow days or during slow periods and more!

  • 5 year warranty on zinc galvanized frame and cylinder; 2 year warranty on all major parts.
  • Aircraft quality unibody construction totally eliminates welds for superior strength, reliability and durability.
  • Built-in supply injector and wash cycle options to reduce time, water and energy consumption.
  • Three inch, front-mounted hydraulic drain valve reduces clogs.
  • Single motor drive with self-adjusting belts.
  • Cast back gable and bearing housing for long machine life.
  • Unique wire harness with “quick disconnect” plugs simplifies service.
  • Positive door-lock system. Door open immediately upon wash cycle completion.
  • Professional wash formulas – hot, cold, warm, and permanent press.
  • Choice of front panel colors: almond, blue, white, or stainless steel.

State-of-the-art Wascomat technology means fewer parts and easy maintenance. Interchangeable parts from one size and model machine to another.

Wascomat Dryers

WascoDry offers a size and model for every coin laundry need. WascoDry dryers are designed for maximum productivity and energy efficiency with more than 90 years experience in laundry technology.

  • Fast even drying eliminates dryer bottlenecks.
  • Fully enclosed, insulated cabinet saves energy, keeps dryer surfaces cool, and quiets dryer operation. Simple to use push-button control.
  • Simple to use push-button control.
  • Compact design takes up less floor space.
  • Sealed motor with permanently lubricated bearings keeps dirt, lint and moisture out for long motor life.
  • Electrostatically powder painted inside and out prevents rust.
  • Quiet, reliable belt drive.
  • Gasketless door eliminates wear, marks, and glass fall out.
  • Modular controls for easy service.
  • Self-diagnostic microprocessor control.
  • All major circuits are monitored, and status displayed.
  • Built-in energy saving features.
  • Choice of microprocessor or rotary coin meters.
  • Built-in make-up air preheating chamber on single pocket models.
  • Reliable 24 Volt control circuit on 30lb. and 50lb. models.

Whirlpool Heavy Duty Commercial Washing Machines

  • 27″ Heavy-duty Washer features the direct-drive, no-belt washing system for greater reliability, reduced downtime and increased profits. They offer a variety of security features including a tamper-resistant heavy-gauge steel “Hard-nose” coin meter case.
  • “Hard-nose” Coin Meter Case is made from multiple layers of heavy-gauge steel welded by a technologically advanced process to produce a smooth, attractive, virtually tamper-proof assembly.
  • The case can be equipped with standard capacity vault (approximately $70/quarters) or high capacity vault (approximately $130/quarters).
  • Access door locks are available.
  • Optional Top-lock Locations for cabinet and front panel help foil vandalism attempts.
  • Three Push-button Cycle Selections: REGULAR/HEAVY (hot wash/cold rinse), PERMANENT PRESS/KNITS (warm wash/cold rinse), SPECIAL (cold wash/cold rinse).
  • Correct wash and rinse water temperatures provided automatically with cycle.
  • Optional warm water rinse available.
  • Optional 10% Less Water Fill reduces water usage per load, providing considerable savings on annual utility expenses while conserving water and energy.
  • The optional 10% Water Saver Rinse System saves even more, reducing the average water usage for a 14 lb. load to as low as 21.1 gallons.
  • Up-front Service Access via the removable full-length cabinet front panel.
  • Tilt-back Console provides ease of service to all electrical parts, timer, water level and cycle switches.
  • Direct Drive Transmission; no belts or pulleys mean fewer parts to inventory and no belt problems.
  • Super SURGILATOR® Agitator creates “roll-over” water current pattern for thorough washing.
  • Front-mounted Modular 1/2 HP Motor with built-in overload protection.
  • Rugged Tripod Suspension and Base Assembly help eliminate “washer walk.”
  • Porcelain-enamel Top and Lid Finish resists bleach, detergents, scratches and rust.
  • Polypropylene Tub will not rust or corrode; virtually eliminates leaks.
  • Self-balancing Inner Basket prevents delays due to unbalanced loads … no switches.
  • Simple Ripcord System for fast installation.
  • User-friendly Operating Instructions printed on the console with illustrations screened on the inside washer lid.
  • Wide-opening Top and Easy-grip Handle for easy loading/unloading.

Used Equipment

All products are in excellent condition. Bestway includes a 30 day warranty on washers and dryers. All shipped FOB Parkersburg, West Virginia.

  • Speed Queen Top Load Washers
  • Huebsch 30lb Dryers (Compu dry)
  • Wascomat 50 lb. Front Load Washer
  • Six Column Soap Vender
  • Standard Changer
  • Rowe Changer and Candy & Snack Machine

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